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Simple Pine Cone Fire Starter

Simple Pine Cone Fire Starters

These are fun to make.   They don’t only look great, but they also make a wonderful Christmas gift.  Use holiday colors like white, green or red.  Fill them into a basket and place next to your fire place. They are easy to use and start any fire without paper.  This is another great item for any inn keeper.

You will need:

    • pine cones
    • candle wax
    • candle coloring (optional)
    • essential oil (optional)
    • large metal coffee can
    • large pot (large enough to hold the coffee can)
    • wax paper
    • string


    Wax must be melted in a double boiler to reduce fire risk!

    Place the coffee can in a pot of water on the stove. Add small pieces of wax to the coffee can and melt on low to medium heat until you have enough to submerge pine cones.  Add color and essential oil.

    Starting at the bottom of the cone, wind string around the scales of the cone.
    Hold the string, and dip the cone slowly into the wax.
    Remove and let the wax drip over the can until it stops.

    Place on wax paper and let the cone completely harden.

    Place the cone on top of kindling and light the string or edge of one of the scale.


    Use bees wax for lovely smell.

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