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Turkey Pine ConePine Cone Turkey

Thanksgiving is near, and you still don’t know how to decorate your table. This project is fun and easy to make.  Best of all it can double as a table card holder, and your guests can take them home afterwards.

You will need:

    • pine cone
    • 1 brown pompom
    • 3 chenille stems
      (use different brown tones)
    • 3 gray chenille stems twisted together
    • red and orange foam or felt
    • wiggly eyes
    • hot glue


    Cut the chenille stems for tail into half, and then fold each piece into half. Take a piece for scrap foam and attach these pieces to it creating a fan effect for the tail. This is best done on the flat table surface rather then trying to get it right on the cone. Trim the excess foam off and attach the tail to the pine cone.

    Wrap the gray chenille stems around the center and spread the feet.  Secure with hot glue.

    Cut a little bit of the cones top off to attach pompom in its place. Use foam to cut out the face pieces and attach to the head. Attach eyes as well.

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