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Pine Cone Squirrel

Pine Cone Squirrel

Another great crafting project the the long winter days.

You will need:

    • pine cone
    • 1 inch tan pom-pom
    • 1/2 inch tan pom-pom
    • tan bumpy chenile stem
    • tan pipe cleaner
    • wiggle eyes
    • 5mm black pom-pom
    • brown felt
    • glue


    Glue the tan pom-pom on the top of the pine cone for the head. Glue on wiggle eyes and the tiny black pom-pom nose. Add ears with a small length of tan pipe cleaner.

    For the tail, cut off 2 bumps from the chenile stem. Folded them in half and twisted the ends together. Glue the ends to the back of the pine cone, and bend the top of the tail down a bit.

    Make hands and feet simply by cutting pieces of a tan pipe cleaner. Create an acorn made out of a tan pom-pom and a bit of brown felt.


Snow clean up at our property in winter 2003/2004. Picture shows Paul.

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