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Pine Cone Snow Man

Snow ManPine Cone Snow Man

A great project for the long winter days.  It will keep your kids busy for hours.  You may wish to use a glue stick instead of the hot glue, so your children do not burn their little fingers.  Best of all they can sell them as a fund raiser for their school or church.

You will need:

    • pine cone
    • paint
    • 1 inch white pompom
    • 1 inch red pompom
    • 2 x 1/2” green pompom
    • 1/4 inch red pompom
    • brown pipe chenille stem
    • wiggly eyes
    • blue ribbon
    • hot glue


    Paint the pine cone white to create the snow man's body. Glue the white pompom onto the top of the pine cone for the head. Twist two pieces of chenille stem to make arms.  Wrap around cone and fix it in place with hot glue.  Do the same for the green pompom feet.

    Create a face using the small red pompom as the nose, wiggly eyes, and a small segment of chenille stem for the mouth.

    Making the hat:  Trim 1/3 off the red pompom and glue to the head. Add the small blue pompom on top of the hat.   Wrap about a 6 inch piece of blue ribbon around the neck.


Pelican taking off at Topsy reservoir.

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