Pine Cone Oregon Pine Cones: 
Craft Projects

So what can you use pine cones for? 
The use is only limited by your imagination.
Below you will find several easy craft projects we have come with using pine cones:

[Barbecue Fire Starter Cups]
[Camping Fire Starter Discs]
[Colored Flame Pine Cones]
[Glittery Pine Cones]
[Pine Cone Angel 1]
[Pine Cone Angel 2]
[Pine Cone Bird Feeder]
[Pine Cone Christmas Tree]
[Pine Cone Fire Starter with Base]
[Pine Cone Horn]
[Pine Cone Santa and Gnomes]
[Pine Cone Tree Ornaments]
[Pine Cone Picture Frame]
[Pine Cone Potpourri Basket]
[Pine Cone Snow Man]
[Pine Cone Squirrel]
[Pine Cone Topiary]
[Pine Cone Turkey]
[Pine Cone Wreath]
[Romantic Pine Cone Tealight]
[Scented Pine Cones]
[Simple Pine Cone Fire Starters]
[Spiced Pine Cones]


Fire fighting efforts in Klamath, here you see an aircraft with a water bucket over Topsy reservoir.

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