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Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

This is an excellent projet for the entire family to enjoy.  Make them, hang them, and learn about your local wildlife.

You will need:

    • pine cones
    • peanut butter or suet
    • craft sticks or knife
    • bird seeds
    • string, twine, yarn or wire
    • bucket (to put the seed in)
    • wax paper


    Tie the string or wire around the base or top of the cone.
    Apply peanut butter to the pine cone with the craft sticks.
    Press peanut butter into the scales of the cone.
    Roll the cone into bucket of bird seed.
    Shake off the excess seed.
    Hang on a tree and watch the birds!
    Squirrels also like these cones.
    Use wax paper for transporting.


    Make several of these feeders and store in the freezer.  They will stay fresh in the freezer for one year.


Frog enjoying a sunflower in the greenhouse.  Ironically I never planted the flower in the green house. It simply emerged and I let it do it’s thing.

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