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Pine Cone Angel 2

Pine Cone Angel 2

Nothing more fun to make and use anywhere with your holiday decor.

You will need:

    • pine cone
    • paint
    • 1 inch stryrofoam ball (wooden ball and be used as well)
    • 1-2 inch wide lace
    • silver pipe cleaner
    • doll hair, yarn, etc.
    • glue


    The pine cone will be the angel's body. Paint it whatever color you like.

    Once the paint is dry, glue the ball onto the pointy side of the pine cone.  You may paint the ball if you like.

    Cut two 6 inch pieces of lace for the wings. Lay them on the table so the gathered edges are together and pinch them in the middle.

    Add the hair, and pipe cleaner for the hairloom.


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