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So what do you do, if you live in nature?
   You get inspired
   You redicover yourself
   You research your hertage
   You share it with others

Oregon Pine Cones started with the idea to raise income for our family, but ended as an experience and rediscovery of ourselves. It bought me back to my memories of childhood in Germany, the forgotten crafts and tradition we celebrated. We had fun together, sitting on a table hand crafting simple things for the holidays.  Nothing expensive, and yet done with some pride of creating something soo beautiful for generations to come. We probably spend more time talking, but what we had was quality time together. A simple life that seemes so far away.   Of an era that has been forgotten forever. Or has it?

This site will explore old traditional crafts, history, and most important it is for free.  Instructions, patterns, you name it.  We will provide links and sources for hard to find items, but many may be just found in your garden or local craft store.

Please enjoy this site and its photos, which I have taken myself.


Check out our free craft instructions.

We do have “poison free” pest removal and cone bleaching instructions on this web site available for those who wish to treat them.

All pictures on this site have been taken on our property and surroundings, and we hope you will enjoy them.

Katharina and Paul

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